How Do Snakes Sleep?

Sleep is regarded as a behavior which involves reduction in responsiveness to arousing stimuli like noise, and light, immobile posture and others. Ability to wake up immediately when disturbed during sleep is among the things that differentiated sleeping from hibernation. Psychologically, sleep is characterized as slowing down of brain-wave. For that reason, virtually all animals sleep including snakes of all species and others. The only thing is that some animals are nocturnal and can only sleep during the day and stay awake during the night. This article is dedicated to explain in details how snakes sleep either in the day or night.

Snakes Sleep With Their Eyes Open
In the case of other wild animals one of the criteria to determine the one that is asleep and the one that is awake is closing of eyelid. But snakes do not have eyelids for you to know when it is sleeping or awake. For that reason, when you may think that snake is constantly focusing on a particular place of even looking at you without shaking or making movement it may be the time the snake is sleeping. Obviously, snakes sleep with their eyes wild open and their reduction in responsiveness to things around them will indicate whether they are asleep or awake.

Snake Eyes Are Protected With Spectacle to Avoid Hazard
If you take a look at snake eye, you may think that they are completely exposed without any protection. However the truth is that snakes have well built natural spectacle which help to protect their eyes against hazard as well as provide their eyes with enough fluid to avoid drying.

Distinguishing Sleeping Snake and the One That Is Awake Is Difficult
You may find it extremely difficult distinguishing snakes that are awake from the ones that are asleep. Their eyes are always open and you can easily find them stirring constantly at you without making any form of movement. Some people finding snake in such immobile posture may think that the snake is trying to hypnotize them whereas they snake might be taking a snooze.

Never Try To Confirm Whether a Snake in the Wild Is Sleeping or Awake
Whether a snake in the wild is asleep or awake is makes no meaning and will not add anything to you. So, never try to tough a snake in the wild in order to find out whether it is sleeping or awake. Most snake species are so gentile and not aggressive but can easily react fiercely when they are touched suddenly.

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