How do snakes move?

Every animal has its own morphological structure that enables it survive in its habitat and there is always special feature that enable each animals move from one place to another. Snakes though do not have limbs to walk around like every other animals yet have special feature that always make it easy for them to move and go in search of their food and mate. There are basically four different movement method of snakes which this post is about to explain in detail. Owning to the fact that snakes do not have legs, they normally make use of combination of their muscle and scale to move their body.

Snakes Movement through Serpentine Method
The serpentine movement method is one of the most popular and widely known movement methods for almost all snake species. Through this movement method snakes normally push off bumps or any other surfaces like trees, rocks and others to maintain motion. For that reason snakes are not able to move on extremely smooth or slick surfaces like glass. The movement method is equally called lateral undulation movement.

The Concertina Movement Method of Snakes
The concertina movement is quite difficult for snake to maintain but when they find themselves in tightly spaced environment they will not be able to do anything if not to use this movement method to go away. To make this movement they normally brace back part of their body at the same time elongating the front portion. Then they will keep their front portion and pull the back portion forward and continue like that.

The Side winding Movement of Snakes
When snakes find themselves in slippery or loose surfaces they normally use sidewinding movement method to go away. This movement method will enable snake to move with great speed even with the slippery nature of the surface. Snakes in areas with loose sand normally move makes use of this movement method. You can easily know when a snake move away using this method with the mark it will make on the surface.

Rectilinear Movement of Snake
The rectilinear movement method is another popular movement method snakes normally. It is a slow, straight and creeping movement which snakes move when they are not in a hurry or not threatened by anything around them. Snakes normally make use of the large scales located on the belly to take hold of ground at the same time pushing the body forward using other wild scales.

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