How to identify the opossum tracks


Opossum are marsupial animals meaning that they have a pouch like that of a kangaroo. More to that, if you have been seeing something that has been nosing around your area and that has a pointed nose and a very naked tail, then be aware that you are dealing with the opossum and that you must be ready to fight everything it brings along with it.

Understanding the opossum in a better perspective

Opossums are animals with very opposable thumbs. This will not be found on any other animal and if there are, may be a sub-species of the opossum. What these thumbs does is that they enable the opossum have a very fine grip and enable the animal to climb the trees very easily.

Opossum tracks

The opossum track is very easy to identify and it is not that hectic as many people make it sound. The opossum has five toes on the front and also five toes on the rear. This very much includes the thumb. However, one of the major distinctions is that the thumb lacks a claw.

Identifying the tracks

Identifying the opossum tracks can be as difficult as it seems and at the same time, it could be very difficult. However, this will depend majorly on the time of the day that you are looking for the tracks. Here are some ways to identify the tracks;

• The pattern trail at the left, the front and the hind overlap. This is a good way to identify the tracks.

• The tracks look very large but in reality, they are not because what makes them large is the fact they are doubled.

• During the early mornings, this is the time to spot these tracks. During the later hours of the day you will not find clear tracks because they will have already faded out.

• The trials that are formed by the opossums are very fine and actually very dry on the soils and will tend to thin away very easily.

With this information you can identify the opossum tracks very easily and be able to differentiate it from all the others track including the much confused with track- the raccoons’ track.


Therefore, you don’t have to have a bad time or a bad experience while identify the opossum tracks. This well outlined information will help you and make sure that you get to do the right identification.

How to identify the opossum tracks

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