Do Baby or Juvenile Skunks Spray?

The size and age of skunks not withstanding they can easily spray when they feel frightened. If you threaten skunk or corner it unnecessarily you will be rewarded with unpleasant odorous spray which can be difficult to remove from your body. For that reason, you should not try to handle baby skunks or to chase them around for any reason. You are going to learn more about the ability of baby or juvenile skunks to spray at any point in time through the content of this article.

What You Must Know About Baby or Juvenile Skunks Spraying
Skunk spray is the most defensive action the creature has which it normally use to scare away the enables around. The predators are quite aware of this tactics which made them be careful while chasing after them for any reason. One thing about the spray is that it does not kill the animal but put serious fear in the body and mid of the animal chasing after it. That normally helps to keep the predators completely away from and save them from attack.

Juvenile Skunks Can Easily Spray Adult Skunks That Try To Kill Them
Adult skunks do fight with each other but do not spray during fight. But the juvenile skunks normally spray adult skunks when they are frightened or threatened by the adult skunk. This normally happen in the occasion when adult skunk want to kill and feed on the baby or juvenile skunk around.

The Spraying Age of Juvenile or Baby Skunks You Need To Know
When it comes to spraying age of baby or juvenile skunks there is no starting age for that. In fact very newly born skunk can even release tricky spray if it gets threatened by things around. But the age when they normally realize their spraying skill and ability is about 3 months old. By that time they have started moving along with their mother to look for food and will easily defend themselves from predators through the unpleasant odorous spray.

The Reason Why Skunks Spray
One of the major reasons why skunks spray is to keep their enables away from them. They do not have much ability to fight against predators but can only frighten their predators through the spray. In that regard both the young and old skunks have ability to spray whenever they feel threatened or frightened by things around.

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