How to Keep Raccoons Out Of My Garbage Cans?

While your garbage is messy to you it may be attractive and alluring to raccoons as they normally find their meal there. Raccoons being brilliant and know how to handle tools can open your garbage cans to make snack out of rubbish you have in there. It can scatter entire place with the mess when you allow it to continuously forage there. That is the reason why you have to do everything possible to prevent raccoons from coming even close to your garbage can using the tips that will be provided to you on this article.

Make your garbage Can Impenetrable
One of the things you need to do in order to keep raccoons out of your garbage cans is to make them impenetrable. You can easily do this by proving the trash can with tight lid and also secure the lid with a locking system of a clamp. More so, you can achieve the same aim by placing cinder block or rock over the closed garbage can. That can make it difficult for raccoon to open your garbage can.

Install Motion-Detection Lighting Around the Area You Keep Your Garbage
Apart from protecting your garbage cans you can easily scare raccoon away from your garbage with motion-detection lighting. Since raccoons are nocturnal in nature they will definitely scared to stay around your garbage can when the motion-detection light keeps on flashing suddenly to them.

Put Your Garbage Can in a Secured Area of Your House
Another effective method to keep raccoons out of garbage can is to keep the can in a secured and protected area of your house. If they come around your home without finding the garbage can they will stop coming and move to another area where they will find a garbage can outside home. It is one of the most effective methods you can use to discourage this animal from foraging in your garbage can and making messy of things you put in there.

Use Raccoon Deterrent to Keep Them from Foraging In Your Garbage
There are many raccoon deterrent which you can use to keep the animal away from your garbage. But, it is important for you to also know that most of the deterrent is not as effective as advertised. Some of the possible deterrents you can find in the market include: Ammonia, raccoon repellent, cayenne pepper and others. Just select the one that will work for you and you will not have to deal with raccoon again.

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