How to get rid of opossums in the attic

Before you get a gun and shoot the family of opossums living in your attic, you may need to first do research about the capturing, relocating and/or killing of opossums. You do not want to find yourself behind bars for removing a pest from your house.

Why do you need to get rid of opossums?

  • They can really make your compound ugly, with all the foraging do not be surprised to find trashbins strewn all over the place with their contents displayed too.
  • They will steal your pets’ food.
  • They could infect your pets with parasites and pass on common diseases to them.
  • If they die in your attic, you will not be impressed by the stink in the house.

  • How to remove them
    The best thing about opossums is they are slow. They cannot run fast, so, crazy as it may sound, you actuallycould catch one with your hands if you are fast enough. However, because it will get scared and probably fight, it is advisable to wear protective garments like gloves when you catch them. You can later relocate it to safe and recommendable areas like in the local woods.

    You can use body traps. All you need is use the right size and good bait. Wait for it to fall into the trap and later relocate it.
    You can use exclusion doors. These doors will ensure that once the opossum leaves the attic, it no longer has access to the attic.
    Repellents- initially they tend to repel them, however with time their potency wears off and the opossums come back again.

    Prevention is better than cure
    While removing sounds easy, it is simply easier to prevent them from accessing your attic in the first place. You can also discourage future re-entry into your home. This is done by:
  • Ensuring any possible entries into the attic are sealed off to any animal invasions.
  • Keeping a clean compound that has not fallen fruit or trash and little to no bug activity.
  • Removing trash cans and pet feeding containers from access of the possums.

  • After-thought
    Opossums are generally shy animals and would rather die than have a confrontation with you. Because of this nature, you can remove them peacefully without much hurting and pain to either you or the animal. If the opossum is a nursing mother, you may also need to give it time for the babies to grow before you remove them.

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