How to Keep Raccoons Out Of a Chicken Coop

Raccoons love to feed on chickens and can cause high level of damages to your chicken coop if you allow them to do so. Another thing you need to know is that this fury and cute animal are also intelligent predators and can climb walls and fences and even dig underneath to gain access to a particular place mostly when there is something in there attracting them like your chicken and eggs. For that reason, keeping raccoons out of your chicken coops will take continuous work. You will need to do lots of things in order to ensure they do not come back to your chicken coop.

Prevent Raccoon from Gaining Access to Your Chicken Coop
Preventing raccoons from noticing your chicken coop is still the best approach to keep them out of the chicken coop. If you allow them to taste the chickens and eggs in your coop chances are you will find it difficult getting them out as they will always love to come around to eat the chickens in there. So, keep the environment neat by removing leftover foods and pet foods that can easily attract raccoons to your compound.

Make Sure Your Secure Your Chicken Coop Properly Against Raccoon
Since raccoons are intelligent animals that can easily open latches and handle tools, they can easily open your latches if you do not padlock it. So, in order to protect your chicken coop from raccoon inversion one of the things you need to do in to provide your chicken coop with latches that have padlock. Make sure the doors, windows and other openings that lead to the chicken coops are secured locked so as to keep raccoons completely out of your chicken coops.

Make Use of Deterrence to Keep Raccoons from Your Chicken Coop
There are some scents that are uncomfortable to raccoons. Some of them include Cayenne pepper, ammonia and others. You can simply make use of these scents to keep raccoons from visiting your kitchen coop. You can also buy deterrent with raccoon predator urine which will help to scare them away from your surroundings.

Contact Wildlife Removal to Help You Keep Raccoons Out Of a Chicken Coop
There are things you need to do continuously to keep raccoons away from your chicken coop but the best approach will be to hire a professional wildlife removal. They will know the best thing to do in order to keep raccoons from visiting your chicken coop again.

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