Do Rats Eat Cheese? Do They Really Like It

Cheese is a solid food made from milk. The curd of milk used to prepare cheese is gotten from cow, goat, and sheep. The texture of this milky food range from hard, to semisoft and can be mildly acidic or even sharp. To prepare cheese, acid and bacteria are added to separate milk into lump curds as well as watery liquid whey. The curd gotten from the milk is used to produce cheese. For that reason cheese are high in lactose. Then coming back to the question whether rats do eat cheese and really like to eat it, the answer is in two phases. The first answer is yes rats do eat cheese but the answer to the second question is fairly no. Just read through this article to find out why the second answer is fairly not about rats and cheese.

Rats Can Eat Cheese in Small Quantity
Though rats are known as opportunist eaters and love to taste anything that come on their way yet they do not like eating foods that can make them sick. They can easily eat cheese when you feed them with it or you keep in a pace accessible to them but not to the extent of getting sick. If rats are not so much hungry they will not likely eat cheese when they find one in your house. But they will completely contaminate the cheese with dirt around.

Rats Are Intolerance to Lactose and Feeding Them with Cheese Can Result To Running Stool
Rodents in general are known to be lactose intolerance and can easily get sick they are feed with food rich in lactose. Cheese is made out of milk gotten from cow, goat, ship and other animals and which is rich in lactose.

Rats in Your House Can Eat Cheese Mostly When They Are Extremely Hungry
If you keep cheese in your kitchen without covering properly rats can easily taste it and if they are many and hungry they can end up eating up the cheese. That is why the answer to the question about whether rats really like cheese can be fairly knows as they do not really like it but can eat it when it is the only option they have.

Do Not Always Feed Your Pet Rats with Cheese
If you love your pet rat and want it to continue being healthy for you, the best thing to do is to avoid feeing it with cheese all the time. Though the rat can eat the cheese, it can result to running stool and other sickness to the rat.

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