Do Skunks Attack Pets?

Do you have pets like dogs or cats and you want to know whether they can be attacked by skunks coming around your home? Are you asking whether skunks attack pets? You are welcome as that is what this post is made to explain in detail. Skunks love to come around human inhabitation to feed on things around. They love to eat pet foods and most times pets do not like to see such kind of animal stealing their food. In most case, pets normally challenge skunks and even chase after them to attack and skunks can attack pets in the process of trying to move away from their grip.

Skunks Can Spray Your Lovely Pet with Unpleasant Odorous Liquid
The odorous spray from skunk anal glands is so powerful that most animals do not like to chase after skunk. But your lovely pets may not know about this and will like to chase and fight skunk that come to shortage the food. Spaying your beautiful and lovely pets with this unpleasant odor can make the pet irritated to you and can even make the pet sick if you do not handle it in a proper way. That is why you should not allow skunks sharing your compound with pets.

Rabid Skunks Can Attack and Infect Your Lovely Cat or Dog
Skunks are among the warm blooded animals can easily get infected with rabid when an infected animal bite them. So, if you find skunks around your home you should not allow your cat or dog to go after it as the skunk may be rabid. A single bite from skunk on your pet can make it sick of rabies which is a dangerous disease that can attack brain and central nervous system of most warm blooded animals.

Never Allow Your Pet to Chase after Skunks to Avoid Attack
Though your dog or cat is trained to hunt any kind of animal you should be cautious while allow the dog or cat to go after skunks. This is to avoid skunk attacking the animal to hurting it badly or even spraying it with the unpleasant odorous liquid.

Skunks Can Get Aggressive and Bite
It is true that skunks do not always get aggressive yet when pushed to the wall they can react and attack the one responsible for that. If your lovely pet corner skunk anyhow it can get aggressive and attack the pet.

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