Do Skunks Burrow Underground?

If you find burrows in the garden or yard and want to know the animal that is making them you should know that skunks equally have the ability to dig holes and make burrows. In fact, the often make burrows underground which they will make their dens mostly when they want to make nest of babies. But some time people normally suspect skunks to be responsible for any burrow or holes they find in their garden, yard or any part of their property. The truth is that there are many wild animals known for their high digging and burrowing ability and skunk is just one of them. You will learn more about digging and burrowing ability of skunks through the content of this article.

Skunks Can Make Borrows and Transform It into Their Den
There are lots of reasons why skunks dig holes and make burrows in yard, gardens and other parts of human property. One of the reasons is to prepare a place for their young babies during the breeding season. You can easily notice skunks burrows or holes by looking at the heap of sand removed from the burrow by skunks. You can also perceive skunk odor around when you come across a place with their holes or burrows.

Skunks Can Even Live Inside Burrows Made By Other Animals like Fox
Skunks like to live inside burrows underground ether to provide their young babies safety and security or to stay there for the cold season when they will not be able to go out to forage. In that regard, skunks can equally live inside burrows made by other animals like fox and others when they do not want to make their own burrows.

Skunks Can Team up with Other Animals like Raccoons to Burrow Ground in Garden
Also, skunks can easily team up with other animal like raccoons and others to make burrows in your backyard. It is also possible that skunks will make burrows for raccoons to live into. For that reason, when you find several burrow and perceive skunks it is possible that raccoons are the ones occupying the place and not skunks.

Skunks Love to Eat Worms and Insects and Can Easily Burrow Ground to Find Them
Another reason why raccoons burrow the ground and making holes in the garden is to find insect, worms and other smaller animal they love to eat. But the truth is that skunks make burrows underground for several reasons.

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