Is a Skunk Outside in the Daytime Sick / Rabid?

One of the commonest myths about skunks is that any of them coming out during the day are suffering from rabies. There is no doubt about the fact that skunks are nocturnal and there are still some reasons why they can be out during the day. For that reason you should not bother or panic when you find skunks outside during the day till you check some features and factors from the skunk behavior. Most people have ended-up killing helpless nursing mother skunk that come out during the day to forage all because they believed that skunks moving around during the day is rabid.

Some Normal Thing You Should Look Out In Healthy Skunks during the Day
If you find skunks during the day exhibiting these behaviors and characteristics you should just leave them alone and go your way. If you rind skunks fully responsive and also behaving normal in the day, you should allow it to go away. If they skunks still exhibit normal human fear you should not bother the skunk but allow them to go their way as they might have been out due to availability of food sources around.

Some Rabid Signal from Skunks Moving Around During the Day
There are also some bad signs you should look out for before suspecting skunks you see during the day to be rabid. If you see a very tired, disoriented, lacking natural fear for human and even fighting against things around without being able to put the face up while moving. These are among the signs to show you that the skunks might be suffering from rabies.

Never Worry Skunks Moving Around During the Day
You should not ever worry or disturb skunks you found mobbing around during the day as there are lots of reasons why they can move in the day. Most nursing mother skunks may not be able to wait till night to come out to forage as they are always in need of addition time for foraging. So, if you kill such skunk it is possible that the skunks have nest of babies somewhere.

Never Allow Your Dog to Go After Skunks You See During the Day
Whether the skunks you fond during the day is displaying healthy behavior or unhealthy behavior the best time is to avoid your dog or cat going after it. Just allow the skunk to go its way to avoid attacking your lovely pet or covering the face with unpleasant odorous spray.

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