Do Skunks Attack Chickens?

Skunks are black and white wild animal from weasel family. They are known for ejecting foul-smelling liquid from their anal gland when threatened or attacked by other wild animals including human. Skunks normally use ejection of the foul smelling liquid to defend themselves from attack of the enemy. The fuel smelling liquid is just a good defensive action and skunks normally released them with high level of accuracy. Apart from the ability of skunks to eject this odorous liquid from the anal gland another thing people want to know is whether skunks can attack chickens or not. So, if that is what you too want to know you will get the answer from this article.

Skunks Can Eat Up Your Chickens and Eggs
Virtually all carnivorous animals love to feed on chicken due to the defenseless ability of chicken and skunks are not of any different. For that reason, if you have chicken in your coop and want to protect them from predators you should completely avoid skunks infestation. More so, skunks like to eat chicken eggs which mostly attracting them to the chicken coop whenever they are within human inhabitation.

Skunks Can Attack Chicken in the Coop and Feed on Them
If you start hearing sound in your backyard in the night and you wonder what is disturbing and making your chicken to make such loud noise, you should check if skunks are around. This is because skunks can do almost everything possible to gain access to chicken coop. So, if you have them around your property you should not waste time before getting rid of them completely.

Keep Skunks Away from Your Property to Avoid Attack on the Chicken at Your Backyard
There are many ways to avoid skunks attacking the chicken in the coop and one of the ways is to prevent them from coming around. Make sure that you always close and lock down your chicken coop in evening time when you want to go inside your house. You can also physically chase skunks away from your chicken coop to avoid them attacking the chicken. However, chasing them away you should maintain consideration distance to avoid being sprayed with unpleasant odorous spray.

Skunk’s Attack on Chicken Is Enough Reason to Keep Them Off
If there is no other reasons why you should get rid of skunks from your property, it is should be to protect your chicken from attack. Living skunks with your chicken for few days can make you to start buying young chicken again as they will attack and kill as many as possible.

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