Do Skunks Fight Each Other?

Is it possible for skunks to spray each other during fight? Do they even fight each other for any reason and if they do why? Skunks just like every other wild animal normally get it competition with each other which normally result to fight. The competition can be due to limited supply of food in a particular place and the males normally get into competition to know the one that will mate with a particular female around. So, skunks do fight with each other sometimes.

Male Skunks Fighting Each Other Do Not Spray
Another thing that normally results to skunk to skunk fight is mating with the available female. But the fight does not result to spray of odorous liquid to each other rather the will use vocalization and biting to fight each other. They can even threaten each other in different ways to ensure they subdue and win over the female for mating. In most case skunk to skunk fight normally end in peaceful separate as one skunk can come and scatter them or the defeated one will bark off.

Skunks Normally Fight Each Other For Food
Food is essential for all animals and skunks are not exception to this. In most case skunks can fight when they are faced with limited supply of food in a particular place. They will bite each other and even show different threatening behavior at the end peacefully after biting and rolling over each other.

Skunks Normally Get Aggressive At Other Skunks Coming Around the Young Babies
Though skunks are not known for always being extremely aggressive with each other yet in some cases they can get angry when another one threaten existence of their young babies. Mother skunks normally get aggressive while with the babies so as to scare other animals and predators that will like to attack their babies away. That can equally result to skunk to skunk fight, biting and rolling.

Juvenile Skunks Can Spray Adult When Threatened
The juvenile skunks can easily spray adult skunk that threatened the existence. This normally happen when adult skunk want to kill and feed on the young babies when there is lack of enough food supply. That is just one of the occasions where skunks can spray odorous liquid to each other.

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