Do Skunks Shed the Fur?

Skunks are of the weasel family with black and white color which can be spotted or stripped. Their fur looks similar to the one on cat or dog but just longer. During the winter when the weather condition is extremely cold, skunks normally hideaway to come out again after the winter season. Most times they normally shed their fur somehow during the end of summer to make it look more beautiful and shining. But their shedding of fur is not complete in all their body and not much noticeable like other wild animals. That is why most people do not even know that skunks do shed their fur.

What You Must Know About Skunk Fur
Skunks have quite dense undercoat that is covered with shiny and stronger guard hair looking like malamute or husky. For that reason, they normally have needs to shed off their fur annually to grow the fur again at the beginning of winter season. They dense undercoat of skunks normally protects their body when they shed off the fur covering the undercoat and help them to maintain their usual color.

The Shedding Season for Skunks You Need To Know
Skunks usually start blowing out their husky like fur covering their body towards the end of summer season yearly. For that reason, if you are asking whether skunks do shed their fur the answer is simply yes the do. If you spot skunk towards the end of summer you will notice that they have their malamute like hairs completely removed remaining their undercoat hair that cover the inner skin.

Why Skunks Normally Shed Their Fur
Skunks normally use the shedding of their fur to mark the end of summer season and get them prepared for the winter season that will be coming with its own adverse climatic condition. Also, they normally shed off to give room for new furs with more appealing look to come up on their body making them look as young they were last season. Those that keep skunks as pet will easily notice this shedding of fur and should know that it is just a normal process.

The Time Skunks Normally Grow Their Fur Again After Shedding
Towards the setting in of winter, skunks normally grow their undercoat and fur rapidly to protect them against the cold weather that normally comes with winter season. They normally do this as they are searching for the place to stay for the winter season.

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