Do Skunks Climb Trees or Fences?

Are you battling with skunk infestation and wondering the best way to solve the problem? Do you consider erecting high fence but do not know if that can help to solve the problem completely? Are there trees around your property and you are wondering whether skunks can climb over to destroy things you have in your property? You have come to the right place as this article is going to provide you with information that will help you out. Skunks are of two types which are spotted skunks and stripped skunks and each of them have different climbing ability which you will learn through this article.

Skunks Can Climb Trees Easily Than Most Wild Animals
The truth is that skunks are so stubborn and difficult to avoid. If you have something attracting skunks into your property it can be difficult to keep them off. They have good climbing ability which made fencing method not an option when you want to keep skunks away from your garden, yard or even your backyard. If you have trees near to your fence skunks with their good climbing ability can climb to through the tree in your compound.

Spotted Skunks Can Easily Climb Trees and Fences
The climbing ability of skunks differs from one to another. Some skunk species normally climb more than other. The spotted skunks can easily climb almost all heights on trees and fences. So, if you have spotted skunk infestation in your property you should not depend on fencing alone as that may not be enough to keep them completely away.

The Stripped Skunks Do Not Climb As Much As Spotted Skunks
While the spotted skunks can climb trees and fences easily the stripped skunks do not have much climbing ability. In fact, they are not even able to climb up to the table top which made it easy to prevent them from getting into a place with the help of tall fence. But, it is always important to combine many removal methods while dealing with stubborn wild animal infestation.

Use Other Removal Method to Remove Skunks from Your Property Apart From Fencing
You should not try keeping or preventing skunk infestation just with fencing method as that may not give you the result you required. Rather you should use other method include predatory urine, deterrence and even some repellents sold in the market.

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