Do Skunks Warn Before Spraying?

To skunks spray is their major defense action to scare predators and other enemies chasing after them away. Even if you do not want to hurt them they can spray you once they do not understand your aim of coming close or fast to them. Just by feeling threatened or frightened skunks can target the things making them feel that way and launch spray immediately. They do not give any pre notice or warning before spraying but you can read their body language to know when they are feeling frightened and stay away to avoid being showered with odorous spray.

Do You Trap Skunk And Want To Relocate It? Be Careful To Avoid Spray
Most people have become victim of skunk spray simply because they want to relate skunk in their trap to another place to avoid infestation. The major for reason why those people were victimized was that they have not come in contact with skunks and do not know what the animal is capable of doing. If you want to relocate skunk in your humane trap, you should do that gently without making the animal feel frightened due to your presence.

Never Try to Scare Skunk For Any Reason to Avoid Spray
Unlike other wild animals you can easily chase away from your property by scaring them away physically, skunks are not to be handled that way. In fact if you try to scare them away you may end up regretting why you did that as they will fearfully spray you their smelly liquid. So, never go too close to them and do not try to scare them by chasing after them.

Watch When Skunks Is Drawing the Legs Backward and Stay Away
Though skunks do not normally give obvious warning to their victims before spraying yet you can notice when they are feeling scared and want to launch their spray. One of the obvious signs is watching when they are making some steps backward which are the way they normally do before releasing the spray. So, if you are able to notice that on time and staying away you will escape from the spray.

Skunks Can Even Spray At The Point Of Death
One thing you need to know about skunks is that they can even spray their odorous liquid even at the point of death. Remember all they are doing is to see whether you can get scared and free them to go away.

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