How smart are squirrels?

Ever wondered if the squirrel in your neighborhood is as smart as he runs? Well, while you cannot test them with an IQ test, it has been proven that squirrels are pretty smart. The test of how smart an animal is basically done by testing how it adopts to a new environment.

How do you know that squirrels are smart?

• They will climb, jump, crawl under almost anything to get to a snack. They will keep coming back until they can find a way to get to that snack. This is one of their strongest suits.

• They also have a very good memory. Squirrels are known for their nut burying techniques. The question is why do they bury and how do they get back to the nuts? They bury as a storage technique and they get back to their nuts in the future by memory. They will simply go back where they buried the nut and dig it out again.

• Squirrels have proven their high animal IQ with the number of times one has to change their bird feeders. No matter how many times you change its position or location, the neighborhood squirrel will find a way to get to the food.

• They will even construct out-rightly misleading caches for the benefit of others watching them. Obviously this is a good way to deter thieves. They also move their food around a lot which makes it very difficult for thieves to steal because it is simply hard to keep up with all that movement.

Why is this information important?

This bit of information may be important because it makes us understand squirrels. It is also a way of reassuring frustrated people that they are not that poor at constructing squirrel proof bird feeders, just that you have a really intelligent rodent in your back yard. It is also a fun fact over all.

Are they a nuisance?

If they are eating from your bird feeder, they may scare away birds or even mess up your bird feeders. Otherwise asa general rule, they are very paranoid animals and although they have adapted to living in human environments, they still pretty much like keeping to themselves. They may also make their way into your home, so you may need to take precautions. Otherwise, you have nothing to worry much about when it comes to squirrels.

How smart are squirrels?

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