Do Snake Climb Trees?

Snakes are reptile with tubular and scaly body tapered toward the tail. They are renowned not only for their long tubular body but also their lidless eyes and in some cases venomous fangs. Due to the fact that snakes do not have fore and hind limbs most people think they will not be able to climb trees like other animals. The truth is that snakes are good climbers and can climb virtually all surfaces with rough texture. Trees are made of rough surface texture which made it easy for snakes to ascend high on trees without much difficulty.

Why Snakes Find It Easy To Climb Trees
Most people wonder how snake without hands or legs do climb to any tree it feels like climbing at any point in time. What such people should understand is that every animal has special feature that aid it its adaptation to specific habitat. The issue of snakes is not any different as they equally have special features that enable them ascend any height they feel on top of a tree with little or no effort. The feature of snake that enable it climb any tree it feels like is the scales that covered all over the body. Under belly scale is used to hold on rough surface of tree back while climbing. But the only thing is that snakes do not just move in straight line direction while climbing in order to avoid slipping and falling from the tree.

The Reason Why Snake Climb Trees
There are various snake species in the world and while are known to live in on the ground like inside pit for pit vipers some are arboreal in nature thereby live on top of trees. You can easily find snakes on the tree for two important reasons and the first one is when they are chasing after their prey and want from the ground to tree top. Another reason is when snakes want to run away from the predators around including human and other animals that threatens the existence.

Do All Snake Species Climb Trees?
The answer to this can be yes as virtually all snake species get capability of climbing trees if condition presents them with the opportunity. But there are some snake species that usually live on top of trees and such snakes will always run back to trees when they fall down for any reason. The arboreal snakes usually find their food on top of trees and also hide away from their predators.

Snakes Climbing Trees with Full Force and Speed
Snakes are good climbers and can easily ascend to tree top with full and amazing speed. The reason for this is that snakes normally combine the muscle with the effect of their scale to make firm grip on tree bark and climb easily.

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