Do Snakes Feed Their Young Babies

Snakes are not like other animals that normally nurse their young babies after birth but some species like Diamondback rattlesnakes normally stay around to protect the young for some time before living them alone. The Western Diamondback rattlesnakes normally stay with the young babies for some hours or even days to ensure they are protected from the predators. But the eastern diamondback rattlesnakes normally secure their young babies till their first shed which normally take place about two week of their birth. The reason for this is that the odor of diamondback rattle snake young babies normally attracts predators around the place.

The African Rock Python and the Young Babies Protection
Different snake species normally behave different ways to their young babies. But one thing that is common among different snake species is that they do not feed their young babies. Some snakes normally target the season when frogs and other amphibians give lay eggs and have enormous young babies so as to ensure their babies will have enough to eat when they are born. The African Rock Python though do not feed the babies but usually protect them for more than 4 months.

Most Snake Species Normally Protect the Clutches Until They Are Hatch
Some of the snakes that normally eggs when they want to reproduce normally guard their clutches to ensure their predators do not come around to eat up their eggs. But, when the egg hatch and their young babies come out they will not mind to care or feed them.

Some Snake Species Do Not Look After Their Eggs or Young Babies
There are equally some snake species that do not even mind caring for their clutches or babies for any reason. These are for reasons best known to the snakes. All they know is to lay the egg and go their way for the egg to hatch and the young babies cater for themselves. Some of those kinds of snakes normally lay their eggs inside burrows and hidden places so as to avoid predators eating up the eggs.

Why Some Snakes Do Not Bother Guarding Their Young Babies
There are venomous and nonvenomous snakes. Some venomous snake species are born well equipped with venom fangs and other defensive organ. For that reason their mother do not have need to start guarding their young babies knowing that they have what they need to defend themselves against predators.

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