Common Snakes of Illinois

Just like every other parts of the United States where different snake species are found, you can also find different kinds of snakes in Illinois. But while some are rare in North American Confederacy others are known to be common. This article is dedicated to provide you information about some common snakes of Illinois you need to know.

The Copperhead Snake of Illinois
The copperhead snake of Illinois is known to be the commonest snakes found in the Illinois the United States. It is venomous and more abundance in southern part of the Illinois. The habitat of this snakes are mostly close to forest edges, rocky and woody hillsides. They can equally be found in Ohio River as well as Mississippi River covering the entire areas of Illinois. This snake specie body size is up to 135 cm TL and have stout-body and also venomous. The back is yellowish brown or even rusty brown with dark-margined cross band that is about 10 to 20 reddish brown hourglass-shaped.

Cottonmouth Snake of Illinois
The cottonmouth snake equally known as water moccasin is mostly found in the southern part of Illinois but the range is quite smaller when compare to copperhead snakes. The habitat of this snake of Illinois include: Ox-bow lakes, swamps as well as slough. The size of adult snake is 159 cm TL and it has stout-body and also venomous. The babies and young adult of this snake normally have about 12 to 18 cross-bands on either dark brown or olive color as well as dark strip snout on the eye.

The Timber rattlesnake
Timber rattlesnake is another common snake found in Illinois and it is even the most feared among other snakes in southern Illinois. This snake of Illinois normally live in deep forest and prefer to stay in rocky areas within bluffs. If you find a large snake measuring up to 180 cm with stout body and also venomous, you should know that you found timber rattlesnake. This snake has gray back with light yellow or green white with about 20 to 25 back as well as jagged crossbars on the body.

Other Common Snakes of Illinois
Apart from the abovementioned snakes of Illinois there are others though less common but can be found in Illinois. Some of these snakes include :

  • Midwestern worm snake
  • Kirtland’s snake
  • Northern scarlet snake
  • Blue race snake
  • Southern black race snake
  • And others.

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