Do Snakes Live in Holes?

Snakes normally live their entire lives hiding away from predators and dangers around. For that reason, they often find safest place to retreat to when they are threatened by things around. Most snake species often live inside holes or burrows made by another animal such as rodents, turtles and others. This is due to the fact that snakes do not have the features that will enable them to dig their own holes where to hide away from potential predators. So, if you are asking whether snakes live in burrows that answer is typically yes as they have been sighted in most holes made by other animals by most people.

Why Most Snake Species Live In Holes
Majority of snake species that live inside hole normally do so to stay avoid being attacked by the predators. But some times in the process of searching for food they normally go into holes owning to the fact that rodents are their major food. If they are lucky to meet rodent like rat inside the hole they will feed on it and relax there for some time till the food digest before they will start looking for another by moving into another hole.

Snakes Live In Holes in Trees
Apart from holes or burrows on the ground, snakes equally live inside holes in some large tall trees. The species that normally live there are the arboreal snakes and they will stay there waiting for unlucky prey that will come across the hole or even try to inhabit that hole with them. The size of the snake will determine the size of prey it will be able to kill and swallow.

Some Snake Species Lay Eggs inside Holes
There are equally some snake species that only search for nearest available hole when they want to make reproduce young babies. That is mostly the egg laying snake species and their eggs will be inside the hole and hatch for the young babies to come out in search of food. Also, it normally provide the young babies higher survival opportunity than when they are exposed to outside with many predators around.

Some Snakes Select the Kind of Holes to Live Into
Though snakes do not make their own holes some species normally select the kind of holes they will live into. Some of them prefer to live inside a hole with the topmost limit touching their back. That is to ensure they are completely covered inside the hole to avoid predators attacking them.

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