How to get rid of snakes in the attic

Many people are afraid of snakes. And yes, the sight of snakes living in your attic does not sound like a fun thought at all. The removal of snakes is not a very easy task.

Pre-removal tips

Before you start removing the snakes, consider the following tips very seriously.

  • Are the snakes in your attic poisonous? Please ensure you are sure they are not a dangerous species.
  • Are they constrictors? Constrictors can be dangerous to animals and people around your area.
  • Are there laws in your locality that govern the preservation of the species of snakes living in your attic?
  • Where will you relocate them to?
Removal methods
  • Seal up all entrances that lead to your attic (both inside and outside), leaving onemain entrance for the snakes to get away through.
  • Wear protective gear and get into the attic. Most snakes avoid humans and will therefore hit that exit very fast the moment you get in.
  • If there are some that are still in the attic, you can catch them by hand by holding it by the head first and steadying the rest of the body. Put them in a sack for relocation.
  • If you are too afraid to catch them by hands, you can place glue traps all over the place and come back later to remove them when they have all been caught.
  • Once they are all out of the attic seal the last exit point firmly.
Other tips
Before you even start removing the snakes, you must understand that they are probably there because of food (AKA rodents). In order to ensure they are no longer attracted to your attic, you must ensure your rodent problem is solved.

Most snakes you will find in your home are non-poisonous snakes. That means you do not have to come all out with machetes and pitchforks to remove them. Killing snakes is not a necessity; it should happen when there is absolutely no other option.

If you are too afraid
Snakes are like no other creatures on earth. Little wonder most people are terrified by them. If you are too afraid to handle them, please seek the services of a professional to remove them. That goes for poisonous and constricting snakes too.

They generally avoid trouble; therefore, chances are the snakes in your attic will leave on their own unless they have new born babies.

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