Do snakes come out in the rain?

The mild spring weather drives out a multitude of animals from their natural habitat. Snakes are also carried about with the waves. It is not a rare case to encounter a few snakes in the neighborhood after a heavy storm. The vast majority of snakes in arid and semi-arid areas are mainly non-poisonous and thus there should be no cause of alarm if you do not try to harm it.

Reasons why snakes are encountered when it rains
There are a number of explanations on why a snake may come out while it rains, they include;

  • Flooding of their holes – the main reason why a snake may come out from its den is if it has been displaced by an animal or by nature.
  • Hunting – A snake will come out to hunt whether it is raining or not
  • It might just be a water snake that enjoys dampness and the flooding that comes with the rain
  • The rain might displace snakes from their habitat e.g. on tree branches or carry them during floods
How to react if you encounter a snake when rain falls
You should be prepared in advance for that moment when you might encounter a snake. It is always advisable to keep a first aid kit around the house in preparation of a snake invasion. Snakes do not want to be disturbed even if they are the ones who invaded your premises. First thing to do is block all exit spaces by closing all doors and windows of the room containing the snakes. After trapping call 911 to report a snake break in. As you wait for the arrival of the police you should not enter the room because the snake might be suspecting something in that foreign den. After elimination take all precautions to seal the point where it gained access to your home and prevent any future invasions.

Snakes in nature
Most snakes will avoid danger if necessary. Do not approach a snake in nature or away from your private property. If it is in a public area you can call 911 and let them handle the snakes.

Other facts about snakes and water
Different species of snakes use water differently. Some water snakes use the water as their habitat while other species only go to a water body as a source of water to drink. However, it is important to note that all snakes are harmless under water.

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