Do Snakes Jump?

One of the erroneous believes of people about ordinary snakes is that they can jump completely off the ground to strike at their prey or target. The truth is that it is only few large snakes that can completely leap the full body completely from the ground for any reason. Majority of snakes normally strike but without jumping off the ground to the air. In fact, it is important for you to know that ordinary snakes do not strike their full length or greater distance from their full body length. It is only flying snake that can exhibit this kind of character by jumping from one tree to another.

Snakes Can Easily Strike Short Distance from Any Position
Snakes have the ability to raise their head up from the ground and even straighten themselves some distance from their ground when they are excited. However, when they want to strike at object which can be their prey they can easily strike at short distance irrespective of their position on the ground. The only thing they normally do is to uncoil their body from the S shape to C curve shape before striking. This is to increase their striking accuracy.

The Greatest Distance Majority of Snake Strike
Most people believe that snakes can jump entire from the ground to strike at object but that is not true. The cobra is known to straighten the body length with the tail remaining on the ground when it wants to watch and check the environment. But when they want to strike the distance recorded so fast is about a half of their full body length or one third their body length.

While Most Snakes Strike At Short Distance
Majority of snake species normally prefer to strike short than long distance mostly while targeting prey. The reason for this is that the shorter the distance the more accurate their striking. So, to ensure their increase their chance of getting any object when they strike them normally prefers to strike with short distance. That is why most snakes normally allow their prey to come quite close before striking and the cases of snake bite is always on below the knee or even on the foot.

The Venomous Snakes Often Strike At Long Distance
One thing about most venomous snakes is that they normally misjudge long distance strike with accuracy. For that reason they normally prefer to make long distance strike to short distance strike which normally makes it difficult for them to get their prey with one strike.

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