Do Snakes Drink Water?

Due to the body morphology of snakes most people wonderful whether they do drink water just like every other animal. The tongue is too small for them to lap water like every other animals and it is even covered with sheath which will eventually prevent them from collecting enough water to quench their thirst should they try to do so. But, despite all these, the truth is that snakes do drink water just like every other wild and domesticated animal. What differs in snake is that different species normally drink water in different ways. So, this article is about to present you with information about how some snake species drink water.

How Rattle Snakes Drink Water
Obviously all living things both plants and animals need water to survive and snake is not any different or an exception. Rattle snake which is one of the most dangerous and venomous snakes is known to drink water in a different way from other snake specie. If a rattle snake find itself in an arid climate it will develop permeable scale and also stop urinating in order to conserve their body fluid and avoid dehydration. They normally flatten their back so as to collect some rainwater which will absorb through the skin to hydrate the body.

Snakes Drink Water through the Skin Fold That Form Tiny Tubes in a Sponge
Just as it has been stated earlier different snake species drink water through different means to drink water. Some usually make use of the sponge action in their body to drink water. With the help of the skin fold in their lower jaw which is in form of a sponge to soak up water and transferred the water to the gut. The skin fold of snakes normally works just like tiny tubes inside a sponge which will help to draw water into the mouth through capillary action. Also, they use the muscle action to squeeze down to their gut.

How Snakes Locate Water When They Are Thirsty and Need Water
Unlike other wild animals that normally use the sense of sight to locate water when they are thirsty snakes normally make use of their sense of smell. The nostril is not big enough to take up enough air and enhance the sense of smell. For that reason, most snake species rather make use of their tongue to smell things around. Also, apart from sense of smell snakes usually make use of the sense of taste to find water around.

What Will Happen If a Snake Do Not Drink Water For Some Days
What you should know is that every living thing has the specific period they can last without water. Snakes are also inclusive in this as they cannot live without water for their entire life. Even the rattle snake and other snake species that avoid urinating and also develop permeable scale to conserve water they can only do that for some time. If any snake stay without water more than necessary it will get dehydrated which can make it sick and even lead to death.

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