How Do Snakes Produce Venom?

Snake venom is known as the modified saliva mix with zootoxins to enhance digestion and immobilization of prey. Also, snakes normally make use of their venom to defend themselves from attack of predators. One thing you should know is that snakes do not have venom on their teeth contrary to the general believe of people about snake venom. Rather the venoms are stores in special sac lying under the roof of the mouth and usually injected through fangs following bite. There are equally some snake species that have ability to spit out venom on their predators to defend themselves or prey to subdue them.

Things to Know About the Snake Snakes That Secrete Zootoxins
In the production of snake venoms there are lots of activities that normally take place. The modification of parotid salivary gland which is equally found in other vertebrate is what normally brings about secretion of zootoxins. The parotid salivary gland is situated below snake head, on each of the sides, at the back of the eye and sum up at the muscular sheath. There are large alveoli located in the gland where snakes normally store venom.

The Contents of Snake Venom You Need to Know
Snake venom contains about 20 various compound with polypeptides and proteins being the major components. Also the venom is a combination of enzymes, proteins and other substances with lethal and toxic properties. The major function of snake venom is to immobilize the prey or subdue them and help to improve digestion. The substances in snake venom are the reason for the life threatening properties of snake when it comes across any other animals.

Two Classes of Toxins Found In Snake Venom
There are two different classes of snake venom with different dangerous effect to the body. The two broad classes toxins found in snake venoms are neurotoxins and hemotoxins. Nevertheless some snakes normally produce venom with these two broad classes making them highly venomous and lethal. The neurotoxin venom paralyzes the nervous system mostly the one controlling breathing as well as heart activities while the hemotixins work in damaging tissues and blood in the body.

How Snake Inject Venom through Bite
Snake normally inject venom through bite. The fangs lying under the mouth roof is known to contain the venom. So, when venomous snakes open their mouth wild to bite the channel for the venom will straightened to let the venom move out into the body of the prey.

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