What is a snare pole and how to use it?

Sometime you may have an animal cornered and not know what to do with it once you get there. Snare poles are traps that come in the form of a pole with a lope at one end and are meant to catch generally slower animals that may be dangerous to come close to.

What type of animals does a snare pole work best on?

Snares poles come in different sizes and will therefore work on most of the smaller animals. If an animal is too strong however, it can overpower you and injure you. They are mostly used on animals like, dogs, foxes, wolves, cats and other similar smaller animals?

Are they safe or better thanother methods of catching animals?

They come with different loops, some metallic, and nylon or padded. You must be sure the type you use, will not injure the animal in question. However, snare poles are not to be used by everyone as the skills needed to catch an animal using one need a bit of training. For instance if you catch an animal while afraid, you may pull the loop too tight effectively killing it.

When are they best used?

• When catching an animal that is cornered and is too afraid to get close to you.
• When catching an animal that could potentially bite you or injure you while trying to catch it.
• When catching an animal that seems sick and close contact may be dangerous for you. For instance an animal that is displaying symptoms or rabies.
• When catching stray animals in general.

Are they easily accessible?

Yes. If you go to an animal shop and request for one, most likely you will get one. You will however need to specify the animal you are trying to catch so that the right of snare pole s provided. They are also available at pocket friendly prices so you do not have to rob a bank to get one. Because it may require skilled handling, if you have not been trained to use a snare trap, you are advised to get training or have a professional do the job for you. This is because as you try to catch the animal you may;

• Injure it by pulling too hard on the loop.
• You may get injured if you do not fasten the loop well and the animal gets loose. Either way, take caution and good luck with your snaring.

What is a snare pole and how to use it?

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