Will a high pitch sound deterrent machine work against armadillos?

We have already tried everything we could ever think of to keep armadillos from our premises. We started from plants, to mothballs and ammonias, now we go off to high pitch sound machines. We need to familiarize ourselves with every technique just so we can ensure that we are not missing any possible way to get rid of these armadillos.

So now, the boiling question is that, will a high pitch sound deterrent machine work against armadillos? That is what we are going to find out!

Control devices
Of course, it would also be efficient to try if devices are effective as an armadillo repellent. These devices are ideal and smell free, unlike ammonia and mothballs. So how does this really work? Is it that effective? Do we really get rid of the small digging creatures? These devices target raccoons, skunks, squirrels and the infamous armadillo.

Ultrasonic animal control devices
• This device emits high frequency sound waves that disturbs pest and wildlife. It is use to irritate and confuse them, but note that it was not in any way used to harm them. It will only cause them discomfort and distress.

Sonic animal control devices
• This device helps to broadcast across a range of frequencies including audible human noises, enough to alert these pets and clear the area.

High pitch sound machines, effective or not ?
Armadillos are known to have the most functional sense of smell and hearing. Thus, having devices positioned somewhere near them will unfortunately not irritate them in any way. This of course, makes it difficult to drive them away at all cost. So as much as I do not want to say this, I hate to break it up to you, but the answer to this question is a strong no. While there were a broad varieties of high pitch sound machines we can try to purchase in the market, buying it will only cost you a fortune.

Despite having sound machines, they will still continue to burrow and dig through your grounds. They will get into decayed meat and rotten fruits from your trash can. You can try deterring them by keeping your premises neat and well kept.

• Seal trash cans properly
• Remove any prospective food
• Build durable fences, specifically steel wired fences

As an old saying would state ‘Bad things are easier to prevent from happening rather than to get a resolution.’

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