Common Snakes of South Carolina

South Carolina is home to 38 different species of snakes, some are so vicious that when they bite you, the infectious bite will attack the central nervous system. However, these snakes aren’t running rampant in the region. It is therefore mandatory to be familiar with them.

Venomous snake
Out of the 38, only six species are venomous. They are:

  • Copperhead
  • Cottonmouth
  • Coral snake
  • Timber rattlesnake
  • Pigmy rattlesnake
  • Eastern diamondback rattlesnake
All of them except the coral snake are pit vipers meaning that they have an infrared sensor apparatus on their head. This organ helps them detect, aim and strike warm bodied prey with unparalleled precision even if blindfolded. The cottonmouth and copperhead ae the most common. Copperheads inhabit almost any region, be it rocky, swampy, steams, and forest. They majorly feed on frogs, insects and small rodents.

King snakes
It is one of the utmost magnificent harmless critter amongst the snakes of this region. The eastern king snake in particular is common here with adults growing to about 4-5 feet long and are easily identified by their striking bright colors of yellow bands on a shiny black surface. They are also immune to vipers’ venom and in turn, feed on them by constricting them. Birds, rodents and lizards are also in their diet. They are found throughout the state particularly in pine and hardwood forests, wetlands, and pasturelands. Here, they prey on aquatic snakes and turtle snakes.

Rat snakes
They are also widespread in the entire state and are usually stark-gray or dark gray with big darker blotches on the sides and at the back. They are either green or yellow with black striping in the coastal region. They are notoriously known for feeding on chicken eggs and chicks. It will assuredly bite you when you pick it up leaving a painful puncture wound. It also emits a foul smelling odor even though they are non-venomous.

Corn snakes and black racers
They are colorful in nature and also called the red rat snakes. They are closely related to the rat snakes, share many behaviors and even occupy similar habitats. It is also a powerful constrictor. Black racers are also common characterized by their shiny skin, swift- movement and a white chin. Racers eat small rodents, lizards, frogs and other snakes but they don’t constrict their prey

Rough green snakes
These are native snakes which cannot be confused with other snakes. They are bright green, red tongues with yellow bellies. They are found from the mountains to the coast. Their diets comprise of invertebrates and they camouflage easily in shrubs and bushes.

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