Do Squirrel Chew On Electrical Wires? Why and What Are the Risk?

Virtually all rodents have one thing in common and that is frequently chewing on things around them and there are reasons for that. The squirrels are not exempted in this as they also chew on almost anything they see around them from time to time. Squirrels are notorious in causing damages through chewing on wires whenever they find one. If squirrel make its way to your car electrical system, the story may be difficult to tell as it will ensure all the connected wires are cut through chewing. Then, you may ask why squirrel normally do this. If that is your questions, you will get the answer from this article.

Squirrel Chew On Wired To Control Their Teeth Growth
Rodents in general normally find in it difficult when it comes to controlling their teeth from over growing their mouth. For that reason in their bid to ensure their teeth do not over grow their mouth they normally things around constant. That is also the reason why squirrels normally chew on wires whenever they are in the attic, inside a car, inside electronic system and other place with wiring system. They chew mostly on the metal wires which help to reduce the rate of their teeth growth.

Squirrel Make Their Teeth Stronger By Chewing On Wires
Squirrels are herbivorous in nature which made them to always need strong teeth that will help them to cut plants, grasses, nuts and others. So, in order to keep their teeth strong always, they normally sharpen them on metal wires. Squirrel irrespective of the age normally chew on wood, metal wires and anything around so as to make their teeth strong enough for their eating habit.

Squirrel Sharpen Their Teeth by Chewing On Wires
Digging into hard grains, nuts or hard plants with blunt teeth for that reason, squirrels always sharpen their teeth from time to time. They normally do this by chewing on metal wires and other kind of wiring systems around their habitation. By chewing on the wires they cause lots of damages which usually result to great hazard in the home.

Some of the Risk Associated With Squirrel Chewing On Wires
Chewing of wires and other electrical systems by squirrel normally cause serious damage and hazard to homes. Some of the possible risks caused by squirrel from chewing of wires include:

• Blackout when they have succeed in disconnecting the connected wire by cutting the wire with their teeth
• Electrocution when they have exposed naked wire after chewing of the insulation
• Unwanted fire outbreak when there is dry object and other flammable materials around an area where squirrels have already chewed the wire a little spark from the wires will cause serious fire outbreak.

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