What does stray cat feces look like? Where is it found? What are stray cats?

Stray or feral cats are those cats that do not have a home where they return to at every end of the day. They are very tempting to welcome them into your house when they come around, take notice. The stray cat feces are found on the walk paths on the roadside, garden and the surrounding environment where the normal pets do not go.

The noblest thing to do when one comes along this stray cats is to take them to an animal orphanage where a veterinary officer will take charge of it. The cats should not be killed as that possess a potential threat of extinction. This is because feral animals are carriers to all sorts of disease causing microorganisms that may pose risk to the human population. This is because a stray cat is more likely to not have been vaccinated for an unknown period of time. The cats do not get adequate diet that makes them malnourished, weakening the animal’s efficiency to fight off infections and illnesses.

Risks that make the stray dog pose a health risk to man

Most of the cats are exposed to other cats that are sick and may contaminate the humans at any one time of their contact. There are also risks of transmitting diseases from other animals such as toxoplasmosis. The animal can also attract other forms of disease causing microorganism that can potentially be transferred through the wounds the animal obtains through wounds from a fight.

Risks of the stray cat feces

Salmonellosis is one of the bacterial infection causing diarrhea that poses risks to humans. Others includes bartonellosis that is also known as cat scratch disease,cryptosporidium, toxoplasmosis and also campylobacterosis. Cats spread these diseases though their feces. It therefore becomes of utmost importance to control contact with the stray cat from within the surroundings. The trickiest part of identifying the diseases is that the cats do not portray the symptoms, therefore the pets at homes should always be tested and vaccinated.

Trap Neuter programs

These are programs that have been introduced to help in the vaccination of the stray cats against diseases as well as stabilizing the stray cat populations. The programs allows the cats caregivers and the health experts to monitor the health of the feral cats in the community and ensuring they are healthy and immunized.

What does stray cat feces look like? Where is it found? What are stray cats?

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