Do skunks swim?

Are you still wondering whether skunks can swim or not? Do you just chased skunks into pond and think they will get drawn in the water and die? Skunks naturally do not like to get into water just like most wild animals can easily swim when they are threatened and chased into water. The will swim to save their life from danger or to cross over to place they think will be loaded with their food sources.

Skunks Can Fall Into Your Swimming Pool and Swim Out Safely
If you think that chasing skunk into pond or your swimming pool will solve your infestation problem you are just making mistake. Though they will likely not come around your property for sometime after being chased into water yet within some days they will like forget mostly when their food sources are available in large quantity in your compound or yard. They have good swimming ability but always scared to swim making them to avoid falling into water by all means.

Never Allow Skunk Jumping into Your Swimming Pool as That Can Contaminate the Pool
One thing you should know is that skunks have bad odor that made them easily noticeable wherever they go. If you allow them to jump into your swimming you should be ready to do really great job in cleaning and replacing the water. Their smell can even continue to circulate around your swimming pool even after many days of their swim in the water.

Killing Skunk inside Water Is Easier Than When It Is Outside the Water
There are some animals that are difficult to kill when they are inside water but skunks are not among them. They are always scared of water and can easily stand risk of being attacked when they are inside water. While they are inside water they will not be able to get your with their odorous spray which will make them defenseless. In that regard, you can easily kill skunks while they are inside water than on the ground.

You Should Not Swim In the Same Water with Skunk to Avoid Attack
Though skunks inside water do not have much chance of getting you with their odorous spray they can still attack through other ways. They can bite you or even scratch your body with their claws which can be dangerous.

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