What Are Some of the Symptoms of a Sick Groundhog?

Just like every other wild animals groundhogs also usually show sign of sickness or symptoms when sick. But, the symptoms of each disease usually differ from one to another. A rabid groundhog will show different symptom from groundhog suffering from diarrhea or tularemia. In that regard, before talking about the symptoms of a sick groundhog, you should have in mind of the kind of disease you are talking about. Through the content of this site, you are surely going to get hint on the some of the major symptoms of sick groundhogs.

Sick Groundhog Can Show Untypical Behavior
Untypical and erratic behavior is among the symptoms of sick groundhog. This symptom usually indicates a rabid groundhog. So, when you find groundhog displaying some kind of erratic and untypical behavior you should be careful how you get close to the animal as the animal can be rabid. Rabies is a disease that usually affects the central nervous system of warm blooded wild animal. Just make sure that you always watch out for any sign of rabies before going close to any kind of wild animal including groundhogs and others.

Headache and Fever Is another Symptoms of Sick Groundhog
Apart from rabies, there are many other deadly diseases that usually affect groundhogs. Serious fever and headache are among the symptoms of sick groundhogs. These symptoms can be good indication of a groundhog suffering from Tularemia disease. Make sure that you do not go too close to groundhog that is showing symptom of any sickness to avoid regretting at the end of the day. The fever can also be a sign of rabid groundhog. So, stay away from sick groundhog at all times.

Diarrhea Is another Symptom of Sick Groundhog
Diarrhea is a disease as well as symptom of some more critical diseases. It is among the symptoms of sick groundhog showing in form of frequent discharge of bowel. Groundhog showing this disease should not be allowed to come close to pets and other animals around. This is to avoid infecting other animals with the disease resulting to the diarrhea.

Foaming At the Mouth Is another Symptom of Sick Groundhog
Foaming at the mouth is another symptom of sick groundhog. When you find a groundhog showing this symptom, it can sign of rabies. Never stay on the way of such groundhog to avoid falling victim of rabies infection from the animal.

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