Venomous Snakes of Texas

There are a lot of venomous snakes which are natively found in Texas. In fact Texas is considered as a home to these snake species. Some of the most common species of snakes found in the state of Texas are Cottonmouth, Copperhead, Rattlesnake, Timber snake, Western Diamond back Rattlesnake, Black tail Rattlesnake, Mojave Rattlesnake, Western Rattlesnake, Pygmy Rattlesnake, Massasauga and Harlequin Coral snake. Basically many of these are potentially dangerous because they are extremely poisonous. Almost 15 species and sub species of the snakes in Texas are venomous to a great extent. However due to the increased awareness and education regarding the first aid of snake bite affected the mortality rate has been decreased to a great extent presently. Still there is a need to make the public aware of the danger of the venomous snakes and the remedies to cure snake bites and t minimize their effects.

One thing must also be determined that the snakes do not hunt on humans or they do not offend humans. They only bite humans when they are cornered or captured from the people handling snakes. The most common kinds of snakes found around in Texas which are also notoriously known for their extremely notorious nature are Copperheads, Rattlesnakes and its different sub species, Coral snakes and cotton mouths.

Safety measures

With the growing population, the need for housing is increasing day by day and in order to meet these needs, the people are moving to deserted areas and pristine places. These places are more vulnerable as people may encounter venomous snakes around there. Most of the time, people encounter these snakes around their homes and the rates of accidental bites of snakes due to sudden encounters are also quite high. Generally snakes are found in the premises of houses in order to seek shelter and food. Therefore it is recommended to avoid the accumulation of piles or bushes and wood around the houses so that the chances of presence of snakes may be avoided over there.

Safety measures to be adopted in the fields

The possibility of presence of venomous snakes can also not be ruled out in the rural areas of Texas. Therefore the fields are such places where most of the snakes seek refuge during day as well as at nights. Therefore using flashlights in the field, can help you increase the vision and identify the snakes. Logs and bush piles are favorite hideouts of snakes; therefore, one must be very careful while stepping over them.

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