Venomous snake vs poisonous snake

All snakes regardless of their behavioral and ecological differences belong to common specie of reptile with physical and non- physical adaptive features. They have similar triangular heads, elongated scaled body and pointed tail.

Types of Snake:
Different species of snake possesses certain unique characteristics, but also shares similar physical appearances. Some species as King Cobra, American Copperhead, Black Mamba, Corn Snake, Rattle Snake, Eastern Coral snake, Black Rat snake, Burmese Python etc have special unique appearances and behavioral patterns in their respective ecological habitats. These physical identities play little ecological and behavioral roles in the lifestyle of all the species. Considering their lifestyles, some snakes are more deadly, while others are more dangerous.

Venomous Vs Poisonous Snakes:
Venomous Snakes: Venomous snakes are specie of snakes which produces toxic glands that secret venom and inflict a poisonous bite, or wound on other animals. They have a special antivenin organ that release effective venom on the prey during bite. This is a common behavioral feature of most biting snakes. They are more deadly, but generally are docile. They are usually not dangerous as they rarely attack or kill. Most rattle snakes, Black Mamba etc are venomous snakes.

Poisonous Snakes: It is highly difficult to classify snake into poisonous and venomous as all species are poisonous. But three major false features can be used to identify poisonous specie.

  • Poisonous snakes are usually identified by a triangular head
  • Poisonous snakes have special behavioral pattern, i.e. more aggressive.
  • Poisonous snakes have rattle tail.
Poisonous vs Dangerous
Generally, all snakes are poisonous, but not venomous. In summary, most venomous snakes are more dangerous and not deadly. This is because the quantity of venom (poison) they inject into a prey can barely kill a person, even without a quick intervention of cure or treatment. Cottonmouth and Copperhead are species in this category. However, deadly snakes have mild venom (poison) which can cause death faster and are more toxic. Other visible features of a poisonous snakes is that they are docile, less aggressive and rarely attack a prey.

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