What attracts snakes?

Snakes are the reptiles which are usually active at the night and during the hot parts of the year. They do not come out and wander openly in the winters because they are cold blooded and cannot bear the harsh weather conditions. The most important and common attraction for the snakes is definitely their food. The most common food for most of the snakes is rodents. That is why they are attracted the most towards the gardens and farm shed where they find a lot of rats and mice and then they hunt on them. Once the snakes find their favorite places in terms of locating food, they get their again and again in search of food. There is another class of snakes which includes pythons. These snakes feed on the birds and they directly enter into the chicken coops and aviaries where they hunt on the birds and their eggs. In addition to this, the rats and opossums which are found nesting in the roofs can also be assessed and hunted upon by the snakes. Therefore there are several places in the house where the snakes can be attracted to.

Snakes in the garden

For many people finding out a snake or spotting it all of a sudden in the premises of house is very scary. Many people get afraid of them and they start thinking of the possible ways of killing the snake and getting rid of it. However in some cases it is better to have snake in the garden because snakes are the natural predators of mice and rats and other rodents which can enter into your house and destroy your property. Therefore some people even sometimes provide natural habitat to the garden snakes because these can be a natural pest control agents for them. There are several ways to attract the garden snakes into your garden and in this way you can solve the problem of slugs, snails and small rodent mammals in the garden. This is the choice often made by the die-hard gardeners.

Attracting beneficial snakes in garden

The garden snakes especially the garter snake and the black snake have a broad diet and therefore they can be provided with a lot of room in the garden. As a result they can be very helpful in destroying the pests and help the gardeners in saving their plants. The rodents which feed on the bulbs of different plants of garden can be effectively controlled by these snakes. However many people do not realize their importance and that they are completely harmless for humans.

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