What attracts squirrels?

Squirrels are important animals of the rodent family and they are widespread in nature. There are different sub species of squirrels depending upon their habitat and nutrition. There are flying squirrels, garden grey squirrels and brown squirrels which are famous for tree climbing. Some of them live at really high altitudes and are preyed upon by eagles and hawks. They are found in huge numbers in the North American continent in both the rural as well as urban areas. When the squirrels are found in the urban settings, they can be really annoying because these creatures not only destroy the garden but also eat up the bulbs, nuts, and fruits and also spread infestations by their droppings. However there is one advantage of the squirrels and that is these fluffy creatures add a lot to the landscape by their flurry activity. Therefore your backyard can really seem inviting and friendly by inviting the squirrels over there. Therefore there are certain measures if you want to attract the squirrels, you have to follow them and make certain preparations in order to invite more of these fluffy creatures. A few of these preparations are as follows:

Provide natural cover to squirrels

Usually the squirrels are skittish and they like to live more in the dark places. Moreover they seem to live happily in the covered places. You can provide them natural cover by planting extra trees, herbs, shrubs and ornamental grass in tall stands. Usually the squirrels like thick vegetation because this makes them feel comfortable and safer as well.

Plant squirrels friendly trees

There are certain trees which are liked more by the squirrels. Trees have certain features and qualities which attract the squirrels more and more and this is the main reason that these animals like to live in the trees. Therefore if you want to attract squirrels, you have to plant trees where they can find edible flowers and nuts and could also build nests in the trees. Squirrels also peel off the bark which is scaly in nature.

Offer food for squirrels

Squirrels are really mobile and active rodents. That is why they get hungry every now and then. Therefore you can attract the squirrels by offering them the food they like the most. Usually squirrels are omnivores but they like to eat the flowers, buds, nuts and root bulbs. As soon as the food gets depleted, you have to replace it with fresh food again.

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