What attracts opossums?

Although opossums have got a bad reputation in the houses being a pest and is responsible for spreading infestations in different parts of the house, but the opossums are also considered beneficial to some extent. In fact the opossums are very useful in the garden of many people. Although they are pests themselves but they can eat up the other small pests in the garden like slugs, snails, rats and other such creatures which might be posing threat to your plants and crops. In addition to this, the opossums can rarely be a problem themselves and therefore they can be safely attracted in the garden to hunt on the small pests of garden and plants. In addition to this, the opossums are very intelligent animals and these are very much entertaining due to their agility. Basically the opossums are wild animals but their habitat has been destroyed much due to agricultural activities and development works. Therefore they can get a safe haven in the garden where they can be mutually beneficial and get shelter and food in return. However it is you’re your skill and responsibility not to let them inside the house otherwise they can prove to be really devastating animals.

Attracting the opossums in yard

There are several agents which can attract the opossum in your garden. For this purpose you have to make certain arrangements and preparations in the garden. There are certain things which are required to be kept in the garden in order to attract the opossums in the yard and garden. Experts recommend placing bowls, nest boxes, fresh produce and cat kibble in order to attract the opossums. There are certain measures which you need to follow in steps.

  • First of all you need to provide feeding station to the opossum which will be served by the couple of bowls placed on the ground. Usually the opossums like fleshy food and meats like the cat kibble and they also like fruit and vegetables. It is ideal to put the food in the evenings and remove in the morning so that any rodents may not feed on that food.
  • You can also invite other wild animals which can act as prey for opossums. This can be done by planting dense plants in the garden. This will also provide them more natural environment and help them obtain food as well. In this way the opossums can start visiting your garden regularly.

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