What are the most common types of animals that eat your pet's food?

When we talk about the biodiversity of animals living both in wild as well as in domestic areas, there is a huge number which even cannot be counted. Likewise the types and habits of these animals are also very different from one another. It is not at all necessary that the animals living in the wild have the same diets and eating habits as compared to those which are raised and domesticated in the urban areas and houses. In most of the cases the animals in wild may have the same food requirements and eating habits as those of the pet animals. This can prove to be dangerous especially in case of pet animals. There is a lot of food which is eaten by the pets and that also suits or is liked by the wild animals. Therefore if you are living in the wild habitat or near a forest or woods, then you should especially be careful about the feed of your pets and should not keep it open in the yard or garden. Otherwise any wandering wild animals in search of food may like the food and may come again and again in search of food. There are many examples of animals which steal the pet food from the yards or garden. A few of these animals are as follows:


Raccoons are the most famous or in other words the most notorious animals and they have been known for stealing the food of pets from the yards and gardens of your house. While visiting the houses or wandering in search of food, it may happen that the raccoons may come across the cat food or the hens’ feed. This may be like by them. It might be noted that raccoons are very clever and intelligent animals. They do not eat the food at the spot or make it dirty. They will just steal some of it according to their requirement and then will run away.


Foxes are usually attracted by the smell of any leftover food in the garbage cans and they can also come across the pet food in yards. Most commonly they like to eat the dog food. Therefore it is suggested to keep the dog and cat food away from the reach of foxes. In this way you can save your pets’ food from foxes so that they may not eat the food and also do not contaminate it.

What are the most common types of animals that eat your pet's food?

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