Can wild animals in the attic give your pets fleas?

Fleas are small wingless insects that have flattened bodies and can jump very far. They also live within the fur of animals or birds and feed on their blood.

Are they dangerous?

Yes they are dangerous and can cause:

• Itchiness, which sometimes leads to a lot of scratching and biting from the animal causing it to destroy its coat.
• If ingested, they can transmit tape worm
• Too many fleas on one animal can cause anemia.
• They could also contract flea allergy dermatitis.

Can they be passed from wild animals to pets?

Most definitely yes! If the two animals come in contact with each other, all it needs to do is jump from one host to the other. Secondly, they also rest on surfaces (especially dry dusty surfaces, so your pet may become a host to one of them by passing through an area they are resting.

How do you keep them from attacking your pets?

First of all, if there are wild rodents in your attic, you need to remove the immediately. You can choose the best method that befits the animal in question. For instance trapping, excluding or using repellants. Secondly, do a thorough cleanup of the attic, using disinfectant. (Your local pet store will recommend the best one to use).

How to remove them from your pet

• Give your pet a thorough washing using recommended shampoos.

• If an anti-inflammatory cream has been prescribed, be sure to use it as has been recommended.

• Fleas are great at jumping, so if your pet has a large invasion, consider wearing protective garments. Or throwing away the ones you were wearing when washing them.

• Follow the routine of washing your pet regularly as has been recommended.


Fleas are not only dangerous to your pet, but to you too. You also need to take precaution as they may invade your living space and cause havoc. Some of the dangers associated with fleas attacking people are; You may get an allergic reaction from a flea bite. This is manifested by lesions on your skin that are red or purple depending on the severity of the reaction. Ingestion of feces invested by fleas can cause tape worm. This generally happens when children play in dirt, possibly touch feces and eat food without cleaning their hands. Bubonic plague. Through fleas this diseases can jump from rodents, to pets like cats and dogs and finally to humans.

Can wild animals in the attic give your pets fleas?

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