How Do You Know If You Have a Wide Animal in Your Attic?

Due to human activities like wildfire and others different kinds of wild animals now prepare to dwell with human than in the wild where they belong. You can easily find wild animal in your attic, under the porch, on the roof and other part of your house. But the wildlife mostly prefer dwelling in the attic due to the safety and protection they normally get while in attic. So, if you have coyotes, raccoon, squirrel and other wild animal in your house, the first place to check is the attic. Then how can one know that he or she has wild animal in attic?

Scratching Sound From the Attic

If you start hearing noises from attic, there is probability that you have wild animals in there. The kind of sound you hear from your attic can help you to figure out the kind of wild animal inside your attic. Scratching sound is just common among wild animals that inhabit attic as they usually scratch out space to make their nest. Wild animals like rat, squirrel and raccoons can cause scratching sound you are hearing. If you are hearing the noise in the night, that means you have nocturnal animal there. So, the animal is nor squirrel but can be raccoons, opossum or rats.

Thumbing Sound in the Attic

In case you are hearing thumbing sound from the attic, there is chance the animal is a large animal. That means that animal is not rat but either raccoons, opossum or any other big wild animals. The raccoons and opossum usually jump around while in attic causing damages to things there and dragging some heavy things inside the attic.

Rolling Ball Noises from the Attic

You start to hear rolling noise from your attic, you should suspect both rats and squirrels as they usually roll nuts while in attic. If the rolling sound is coming during the daytime you can suspect the squirrel. But if the sound is more intense in the night, you can suspect squirrel.

Vocal Noises from the Attic

Another way to know whether you have wild animal infestation in your attic is through vocal noises. The vocal noises are mostly made by raccoons as mice, rats, squirrel, opossum do not make vocal sound. Also, you should know that you probably have family of coons in your attic when you start to hear vocal noise.

How Do You Know If You Have a Wide Animal in Your Attic?

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