What to Do About Bat in the Chimney

Peradventure you have bat infestation only on the chimney and not in any other part of your house, you are still lucky as the situation can still be arrested without much problem. You can actually handle the problem without wasting much of your time when you know what you are doing. However, you must ensure you do not target at killing bats for any reason as that is prohibited in most countries of the world and can result to serious fine. Another thing you should do in order to ensure the bats are confined in a small area of the chimney is to shut the damper.

Examine the House and Find the Exit Point of the Bats
Since you are already sure that the bats in your house are only confined in the chimney the next thing you need to do is to examine your house to confirm the exit point. You will not also find it difficult knowing the exit point of the bats inside the chimney as it must surely be the big hole right on top of the chimney. It can also be between the gaps where the roof meets with the chimney. Another thing you need to know is that bats do not generally like going into a house through big vertical hole as they prefer small but horizontal hole.

Install One-Way Exclusion Device to Allow Them to Go Out
You are going to stand chance of getting bats out of the chimney easily without them coming back to cause similar problem to you with installation of one-way exclusion device. That will help you to make it easy for them to move out of your house without being able to enter back to the house through the same space.

Cover the Chimney with Chimney Cap
After driving the bats out of your chimney you can prevent them from coming back by installing chimney cover. But the problem is that bats do not all go out at the same time and there may still be some of them inside while you cover the chimney cap which can make them to starve to death and cause serious stench.

Hire Professional Bat Removal Company for the Service
In case, you do not have enough time to start chasing bats around out of your chimney another thing you can do is to hire a professional bat removal company. You can easily find one near you without spending huge amount of money or passing through stress removing bat from chimney.

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