What should I do about pigeons in my chimney?

The chimney is one sure entry point for pigeons in cases where they are uncapped and in other cases their accommodation point. Having birds establish their shelters in the chimney should not in any case be entertained as it poses a great risk of a potential fire accident. This is due to the fact that the materials they use to make their nests such as twigs, straws and feathers are highly flammable. Aside from that, their droppings once dry are also flammable. Once they choose the chimney as their spot well do not rest till you have them removed.

• Eliminating them for good.

This method is one to go for if you want the current pigeons out for good. Shooting is one way to do the job. This method, however, is discouraged due to the fact that some of the pigeon species are protected by the law and to be honest, it is an inhumane way to deal with them when they exist other methods. Also, it is a method that is 100% effective. Killing the birds and not destroying the comfort that invites the birds in the chimney means that it will not be very long till a new set of pigeons replaces them.

• Using anti-roosting spikes.

These spikes are literally available at any hardware. The advantage with them is that they can be set up in all home areas that seem to be just the spot for birds to roost. It makes it impossible for the birds to perch. They act as the solution as the key to removing birds in whatever area of your house is making that particular area uncomfortable for them. Again, it is effective and eliminates the need of having to kill the birds. All you have to do is to have these spikes around your chimney such that they are not able to perch their let alone getting in.

• Using an odor repellent.

Odor repellant such as Methyl anthranilate, works with the aim of making the chimney an uncomfortable place for them to stay. All you have to do is apply some of the chemical at the landing spot of the chimney. This smell is so unbearable for them that they would not even perch but fly away. Even the ones already in the chimney will have no choice but to relocate.

• Using an expert.

If one is unable to drive the birds out of their chimney, there is always the option of having an expert perform the job for you as they not only have the skills and knowledge needed but have the latest effective tools and techniques.

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