About rabbit

Rabbits are small animals that are found in almost any part of the world. They are from the family of leporidae of the order of lagomorpha.

These small animals may vary in appearance due to the places they live. Rabbits are animals that may have habitats in different places around the world. Rabbits are also known to adapt in different are around and depending on the habitat the rabbits will appear differently.

Rabbits in general are small animals with a thick furry skin. The general appearance of many rabbits around the world has a grayish look. Therefore if you can come across an animal that suits the description given above then be sure that you are dealing with rabbit. They have long ears and very strong hind legs.

This small mammal is an obligate nasal breather. It has two sets of incisors set behind each other and this one of the factor that distinguishes them from the rodents. Therefore, this should actually show you that the rabbits are not in any way related to the rodents’ family but they are on their own lineage.

Life cycle
The baby rabbits are called kittens. They are usually born with both their and ears both closed and to say the least, they are totally dependent on their mother for the first few months after being born. The babies are scantily furred. For the first 7 days, the furs are fully grown and at 10 days, the eyes open up and 12 days the ears open up. This happens the first month. At the age of three weeks the kittens start producing and eating their own night poos.

Since the rabbits dwell in the wild, they will form a variety of shelters. They will occasionally form their shelter in the meadows the wood but in general, the rabbits love wet lands and most of their shelters formed there

Rabbits are herbivores animals and will actually feed on the grass, herbs and the forbs. Consequently, the animal called the rabbit will consume large amount of cellulose. That is normally very hard to digest, but these little guys have a mechanism by which this problem is solved which is hindgut fermentation.

Rabbits are very special and slyly animals. There are beautiful to look at and magnificent to live with. Therefore, go ahead and make your around this beautiful creatures.

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