Do Mothball and Ammonia Help Repel Wild Animals?

Do you have wild animals in your attic, under the porch or shed and you are thinking of the best way to solve the problem? Are you considering using mothball or ammonia to completely remove wild animal from your property. If yes, you should not spend your money anymore buying mothball and ammonia as they do not work in getting rid of wild animals. Most wild animal can continue to cause more and more damages to your property even with ammonia and mothball smell all over the place.

Make Your Home Unattractive To Wild Animal to Avoid Infestation

You will not need to bother about wild animal infestation when you maintain good protective measures. One of the best ways to avoid having wild animal infestation is to make your home or property unattractive to wild animal at any point in time. Keep away your pet food to avoid inviting raccoons, coyotes and even opossum. If you are able to remove all the possible attracting items you will not need to bother about buying mothball and ammonia for wild animal removal.

Avoid Mothball and Ammonia Go for Predator Urine

Buying ammonia and mothball will be spending money without getting the result you wanted at any point in time. For that reason, you have to completely avoid that rather go for predator urine which have been proved to work for most wild animals. You will get the result you need and completely solve your wild animal infestation problem when you use urine of the wild animal predator.

Use Exclusion Method to Remove Wild Animals

Just design good exclusion material to discourage wild animal from dwelling in your property. The exclusion material will make it easy for the wild animal to move out without being able to return to your attic, under the porch or shed and others. But, you must ensure there are no wild animal babies in your property when you want to use exclusion method. You will need to remove wild animal with hand since they will not be able to move out through the exclusion material you placed for them depending on their size.

Get Wild Animal Free Yard through Property Trapping Method

Instead of wasting your time and money in buying ammonia and mothball the best thing to do is to apply trapping method. Through effective trapping method you will be able to completely get rid of wild animals in your property at any point in time.

Do Mothball and Ammonia Help Repel Wild Animals?

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