What Animals Do Rats Kill?

Can rats kill any animal or are they only prey to other animals? If these are what you are asking about rats, you are in the right place as this article dedicated to provide you information about some animals rats can kill. While rats serve as good delicacy to their predators like snakes and other animals they still have some animals that are afraid of them. You are going to learn more about the animals rats normally kill while in the wild through the content of this post.

Rat Kill Mice and Feed on Them

Rats have good hunting ability that made it easy for them not to lack food while in the wild. They can easily and effortlessly kill and feed on mice. In fact, up to 70 percent of rats in the wild normally hunt after mice. Also about 20 percent of domestic rats usually kill mice in the house. So, they are not only prey to enormous predators but also predator to mice which serve as their prey.

Small Birds Are Prey to Wild Rats

Being omnivorous in nature, rat can easily kill smaller birds and feed on them. This hunting ability is mostly for wild rats then the domestic rats. The wild rats usually showcase more hunting ability than domestic rats as they are always working hard to get food at any point in time. This is unlike domestic rats that eat anything around from human waste to others. For that reason, domestic rats do not always find it important chasing after mice or even small birds when they want to eat.

Rats Equally Feed On Smaller Vertebrates

Rats apart from hunting and killing mice as well as smaller birds normally feed on smaller vertebrate such as insects, beetles and others. More so, rats do not only depend on killing and feeding on other animals but also feed on plant products like fruits, vegetables and lots more. That means if rats get into your garden many things will definitely go wrong

Rats Can Equally Poison and Kill Pets in the House

Rats normally kill other animals with tricks as they can even poison pets in the house. Though cats normally overpower rats and kill them rats sometimes normally bite and inject poison into cats which if not treated can result to the death of the cat. For that reason, if you have hunting cats you should always take it veterinary doctor for checkup periodically.

What Animals Do Rats Kill?

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