Will the city or county animal services help me with a snake issue?

Animal are always appreciated and cherished by humans. Majority of the persons adopt animals or birds as pet and loved as a family member. But sometimes, animals may be dangerous to humans. There may such incident happens that may require extra help and special services of trained people. Then Animal services require to rescue and tackle such situations. About the question that will city or country animal service help in case of a snake bite incident may or may not be yes. The reasons are explained below:

• Training:

About the pets, majority people prefer to adopt less harmful and friendly animals such as cats or dogs or some birds. Therefore, animal services are trained to deal with human friendly animal as compared to harmful or wild animals. They usually cater mostly occurring incidents or help animals when needed. Snake issues need special training, equipment and man power to be resolved.

• Frequently occurring incidents:

Snakes are wild and sometimes venomous animals. Snake bites are not such frequently occurring incidents at some places. Some animal services in those areas are not trained for any snake biting incidents. Therefore, there is a possibility that animal service may deny to help someone in case of need.

• Medical aid Vs Animal service:

Usually people run to hospitals and doctor to get medical aid in case of a snake bite accident. As there is no specific identification for venomous or non-venomous bite, therefore the victim must rush to a doctor to get treated. Animal service may or may not have medical assistance in such case because it is quite delicate and life threatening situation.

• Major duties of animal service:

The main duty of animal services in any area is to maintain public safety by implementing animal licensing laws. The officers in service are responsible for capturing stray and dangerous animals, rescuing trapped animals, investigating cases of human cruelty and providing human care to animals. They may help to trap a snake or remove a snake only when reported. Snake bite do not mainly come under the domain of animal services.

Animal services are always there to help people and get them out of difficult situation. They not only help humans but also animals. If such incident happens where they cannot help or don’t have enough facilities, they may reject your help request. Will the city or county animal services help me with a snake issue?

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