What should I do with an Armadillo after I catch it?

Phew! I can only imagine the kind of relief that one feels after successfully trapping an armadillo. So what methods could one use to actually get rid of the animal after the big catch? Well, one could choose to go easy on the animal and choose to relocate it or adopt the lethal means, killing.

Method 1: Relocating
Professionals agree that it is way easier to choose the humane way of dealing with the animal rather than killing. If you are the nice soft hearted kind that feels guilty after killing, this is definitely the way to go. This method also comes with the advantage of not having to deal with a carcass. Relocating basically entails three very easy steps:

• Put the animal in a cage and put it in the trunk of your car.
• Cover the cage with a blanket or a rag as you don’t want the animal’s smell in your car.
• Drive the animal away to a suitable relocation place.

It is important to note how much distance from your property is sufficient to relocate the animal. A distance of not less than 5 miles should be good. This will avoid the armadillo from returning, especially if the area of your property was such a good source of food for the animal. You would also want to check the place that you choose as your relocation point. Ensure that such a place is not in another person’s neighborhood as you do not want the animal to become a menace to another. After you have established the place, all you have to do is open up the cage and there, your burden is set free! Remember that this is an option for you only if relocating is legal in your state.

Method 2: Killing
If you want to get done with the animal once and for all, then killing may be your choice. Again, this method is to be conducted if relocating is illegal in your state. Killing methods would include poisoning or as inhumane as shooting. Poisoning an armadillo, however, is not a cup a tea. The animal hardly if not, takes food that they find just lying on the ground. Armadillos are known to dig up their food such as grubs. This then means that shooting might just be the path to follow. Killing might be luring but it comes with the unwanted package of how to dispose the carcass.

Well, there you have it. How to deal with the animal is entirely on personal level. Like professionals, I would encourage relocating the animal because the fact is, it has its positive contribution in the balancing of nature.

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