How did armadillos get into North America?

An Interesting Feature
Do you know what one of the most interesting features about armadillos is? If you though that their armor is the most interesting feature about armadillos you were wrong. Then what the most interesting feature about dillos is? Well, the most interesting thing about armadillos is that they aren’t native to the United States at all. These animals actually hail from Latin America. There are 20 types of dillos out there, but only one type of these animals called nine-banded armadillo can be found in the United States. You probably wonder now how did armadillos get into the United States and how they haven’t gone extinct in the United States if they aren’t native species to the country. The main reason why dillos haven’t gone extinct in the United States is the fact that these animals have a small number of natural enemies. Only cougars and other wild cats are armadillos’ natural predators.

Originated in South America
Armadillos hail from South America. These animals love the warm and moist forests of South America which are their habitat. Now, if they love these warm habitats, why would they invade the North American continent? That’s a good question. Well, the main reason why armadillos have invaded the North American continent is that once upon a time a dramatic climate change happened in South America that made armadillos get into the United States. Armadillos immediately started to reproduce on the American soil and that is why we still have armadillos in the United States.

Origins in South America
There are numerous types of armadillos that hail from South America. Even the Nine-banded Armadillo that can be found today all across the United States hails from South America. The forests of South America were the habitat for nine-banded armadillos for a long time until these odd creatures found North America as a more suitable habitat.

The Great Interchange
It is believed that the great exchange of various animal species had occurred three million years ago. Now, it is also believe that armadillos were a part of that great animal exchange and that they invaded the North American continent around that time. Once armadillos invaded the North American continent, they started to reproduce at a rapid rate.

Armadillos in the United States Today
You can rarely find an armadillo in the northern parts of the United States, but you can find a plethora of those weird animals in the southern parts of the States.

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