Do armadillos make good pets?

Endearing Animals
Armadillos are endearing animals. However, taking captive care of an armadillo is a difficult task for any person. Armadillos are animals which require enormous living spaces. These wild animals are nocturnal and secretive. Their diet requirements can’t be met by an average person because armadillos usually feed on insects. Only an entomologist could take care of an armadillo’s diet. It is also important to mention that armadillos don’t make good pets because they aren’t well established when it comes to the pet trade. Armadillos are not the usual part of the pet trade because it is hard to find a healthy armadillo. Almost every wild armadillo carries a huge number of zoonotic diseases.

Legal and Health-Related Considerations
Many municipalities and states in the United States of America actually prohibit people from keeping and owning armadillos as pets. However, almost every state allows armadillos to be kept by wildlife rehabilitators, biologists, and other experts in the wildlife. Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean that biologists and wildlife rehabilitators can keep armadillos as pets because they can’t. Even those who were educated about an armadillo’s behavior face numerous challenges with armadillos. Many wildlife rehabilitators find it extremely hard to take care of an armadillo. The only people that are comfortable dealing with armadillos are veterinarians because they know how to avoid getting infected with a dangerous bacterium armadillos carry called Mycobacterium leprae. This bacterium causes leprosy and it is often found in armadillos.

Sufficient Space
The biggest challenge when it comes to keeping an armadillo is not having enough space. Armadillos require an enormous living space which most people can’t offer them. People who want to keep armadillos as pets should be aware of the fact that an armadillo’s home-range size is more than 20 acres. However, if you really want to have an armadillo as a pet build it the biggest outdoor pen you are capable of construction. We also advise you to never keep armadillos in your home for the sake of your health.

Containment Challenges
Another challenge you will have to face with if you want to have an armadillo as a pet is containment. Once you identified a suitable space for your armadillo, you will have to invest a lot in that space. You will need to install a chain-link fence and bury it several inches below the ground. This is quite a demanding task.

Armadillos don’t make good pets because these animals demand a lot of things that an average person can’t meet.

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